Villages around lake Balaton offer a wide range of entertainment in all seasons, especially in summer. Each of them are unique, that's why it's a tough job to find the best ones for your visit.

10. Szigliget

Szigliget is a small village located on the north coast of Lake Balaton. Despite being small, it’s one of the more famous settlements there. It’s one of the few settlements which isn’t  visited by tourists because the beach. There are ruins of a medieval castle built atop a hill, a church and other buildings, like cottages.

9. Balatonalmádi

Balatonalmádi is the third largest town on the coast of the lake. The city itself features new buildings, but it’s built on the hills of Bakony, which makes it beautiful. As a larger settlement which offers several things to do, it’s preferred by many tourists. It’s not far from Budapest; the journey from there takes 1 hour by car.

8. Fonyód

Fonyód is an almost 1000 year old town. It was almost entirely destroyed by the Ottomans, that’s why it’s hard to find old buildings there. It’s popular because it has a long beach, and a nice view of Badacsony and the surrounding hills on the other side of the lake. It has many youth camps which can also be used by tourists, being a cheap mean of accomodation.

7. Csopak

This village is one of the richest villages in the country. Many famous wineries can be found there. Most of them offer  tours, and let tourists taste every kind of products made from grape. Being on the hilly north coast, Csopak has a very nice scenery with endless sight of vineyards.  

6. Zamárdi

Zamárdi is often called „Party town” among Hungarians. It has the longest freely accessible beach compared to other settlements at Balaton, many hotels and nightclubs, which makes it a popular choice for teens and younger adults. The annual „Balaton Sound” festival also takes place here, attracting Hungarian and foreign people from abroad.

5. Keszthely

This is the second largest city near Lake Balaton. It’s not only visited because of its plage, but also the city itself. This town is the only one near Balaton to feature baroque and classicist buildings, the Festetics Palace for example. There is a newly-rebuilt city centre with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

4. Tihany

Tihany is the town which most people think of when they hear „Balaton”. It lies on a peninsula which almost ends at the south coast. Because the lake is the narrowest here, there is a ferry service to Szántód, which is really worth trying. Tihany’s most popular sight is the Abbey, which is  on the top of the hill where the town is located on. From there, people have a 270-degree view of the lake and its surroundings.

3. Hévíz

Hévíz, which means „warm water” in old Hungarian, isn’t on the shore of Balaton. There is a nice little lake which is filled by the water of a hot spring. This lake’s thermal water is healthy, it cures some diseases too. Even the Romans knew its effects, that’s why old coins can be found sometimes at its bottom. This natural bath features a very nice building which was built in the 19th century.

2. Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred is the third largest city at Balaton. It has a larger, newly-rebuilt city centre with scenic walkways, parks, shops and a nice port. There are many traditional mansions of noble families, built in the 1800s. The city for this reason is very popular among older people. In the recent decade, the town developed a lot, adding many nightclubs, bars and even a waterpark.

1. Siófok

If somebody wants to hang out with friends and do it at Lake Balaton, there is no better choice. Siófok, the largest city offers everything which is needed. Hotels, ranging from cheap ones to the five-star resorts, restaurants, parks, shops, game rooms, and a really long and free beach. The life doesn’t stop at night; there is always crowd in the inner city. 

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